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Founded in 1908 in Durham, North Carolina


For over a century, Everett & Everett has put people first. From the day Reuben Everett hung his first shingle in downtown Durham, the attorneys of Everett & Everett have focused on individuals. We know that we may not be the biggest firm in town, but we do our best to be the most personal.

From the beginning, the firm exemplified the ideal of the general practice, as Mr. Everett did everything from writing wills and drafting deeds to serving in the North Carolina General Assembly. In 1924, Reuben Everett met Kathrine Robinson, the first woman to graduate from the University of North Carolina School of Law. They were married in 1926, and Kathrine began practicing with Reuben soon thereafter. In the 1950’s, their son, Robinson, joined them to form Everett, Everett & Everett. Husband, wife and son served as lawyers with great distinction in Durham and throughout the state.

Everett & Everett’s rich history and community contributions are tangible in the very threads of legal tradition in North Carolina. In 1993, UNC School of Law dedicated its library to Kathrine Everett, in addition to creating several endowed professorships in her honor. A portrait of her husband, Reuben, adorns the Durham County Courthouse where he argued many pivotal cases in the early 20th century. Their son, Robinson Everett, served as Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, while simultaneously teaching at Duke Law School for over 50 years.


Since its inception, our North Carolina office has been a traditional general practice law firm. Our partners specialize in providing counsel in most civil legal matters. Areas of expertise include civil litigation, trusts and estates, federal securities fraud, small business guidance, family law, and state administrative matters. Our practice is heavily invested in enriching the legal community in and around Durham, mentoring lawyers and holding workshops for Legal Aid North Carolina.


Everett & Everett launched in New York City in 2013 with the goal of providing old-fashioned full service counsel that we believe many big firms have abandoned.  The firm’s partners bring together a unique combination of large firm and government backgrounds, litigation and transactional expertise, and substantive business and entrepreneurial experience. As a result, the firm is positioned to provide both exceptional, large-firm service and focused, small-firm attention.  Everett offers our clients expert representation in the areas that are critical to their growth and success, whether it be managing high-level corporate transactional work or making fundraising introductions, our client’s needs are always of primary importance. We attempt to enrich our client’s approach to business guided by our own experiences and entrepreneurial endeavors.  Our successful track records in both transactional and advisory work and our ability to leverage the experience of our team enable us to meet the needs of our clients at every step of their evolution.  The New York practice specializes in corporate law, with a focus on complex business financing and securities, transactional and business matters, emerging growth and start-up companies, government investigations, and data privacy and security.

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